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Our newest addition Chromer fills the gap between our Mini-Chromer designed for the Hobbyist, and our Mega-Chromer which caters to the High Production Custom Shops. The Chromer comes with convenient 2.5 Gallon Vessels and utilizes the Deluxe Chrome Gun found on our Mega-Chromer insuring the highest quality finish with complete repeatability. This table top set up can tackle any size job large to small with all the ease of the Mega Chromer at less than half the size. So whether its a matter of space or simply cost our new Chromer is certain to be the perfect addition to ANY shop.

Get yours now and be on your way to a whole new experience in the world of Sprayable Chrome Paint.

Chromer - $4,500

PLUS+ 250 square feet of Chrome Materials (FREE)

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Chromer Includes:
● (4) 2.5 Gallon Pressure Vessels
● (1) Deluxe Chrome Gun
● (1) Activator Gun
● (1) Rinse Gun
● (1) Air Blow Gun
● Table top set-up

* Includes Deluxe Dual Component Chrome Gun
* Convenient 2.5 Gallon Vessels designed for the professional doing smaller volumes of work who demands the highest in quality output and repeatability.

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