The Mega Chromer

The Mega Chromer

Handles it all Large to Small

The MEGA Chromer - Chrome Paint System - Financing now available

The Mega Chromer is the result of tireless hours in R&D refining what were the "basics" of Chrome Spray and improving upon EVERY detail. Beginning with the use of in line oil traps to insure no oil residues in your air lines will contaminate your chemicals. Magna gauges allow for quick reading and precision control. In-Line Flow Site Gauges to provide a simple "visual" check that the proper amount of material is flowing EVENLY to each side of your Chroming Gun (a very critical element in a FLAWLESS chrome finish). The addition of our Infinite Rinse Gun adapter (patent pending) gives you the ability to NEVER run out of crucial rinse water during even the LARGEST of tasks; simply flip a switch bypassing your rinse tank and utilizing your D.I. Rinse water direct from the source via the simple hose fitting in rear, along with In-Tank Level Indicators, which alert you that you are running low on materials providing you ample time to pause and add more, without running the risk of running out during the application of your next piece.

We have worked tirelessly at The Chromer to provide a "Turn Key" System to Paint Shops and Manufacturers alike to allow them to avoid the common pitfalls found in this industry and insure success with the latest and most advanced system yet, The Mega Chromer! Combined with our new and improved chemicals which are the BRIGHTEST, FASTEST and CLEANEST on the market you can be sure you will have all the tools necessary for FABULOUS Chrome Paint Finishes on almost ANY surface imaginable.

Get yours now and be on your way to a whole new experience in the world of Sprayable Chrome Paint.

The MEGA Chromer - $8,900

PLUS+ 250 square feet of Chrome Materials (FREE)

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The MEGA Chromer Includes:
● (4) 5 Gallon Pressure Vessels
● Rinse Gun
● Activator Gun
● Dual Component Spray Gun
● Extra long material lines - (For FULL booth access)
● Digital Gauges (Deluxe Model)
● Unique Triangular design for maximum ergonomics.
● Flat top design provides conventient workstation.
● Hinged top for clean, ease of access to all components.
● Inline site flow gauges provide visual guarantee you have even material flow to each side of dual headed gun insuring your success.
● Heavy Duty castors tackle even the bumpiest of shop floors with ease.

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