The Mini Chromer

The Mini Chromer

Great for Hobbyists

The Mini Chromer - Financing now available

Introducing The Mini Chromer, this compact setup comes with everything you need to handle any individual chrome tasks you may have. With its full size spray guns and compact styling, it's the perfect addition to any Custom Paint Shop!

Are you a painter that wants to provide Chrome paint jobs? Maybe you are looking to customize your own items? From wheels to collectibles and anything in between The Mini Chromer can handle it all! Get The Mini Chromer NOW and bring the bling...

The Mini Chromer Package - $1,899

PLUS+ 100 square feet of Chrome Materials (FREE)

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Package Includes:
● (3) 1 Liter Plastic vessels
● 1 Dual Head Chroming Gun
● 1 Infinite Rinse Gun
● 1 Activator Gun
● 1 Blow Gun
● 1 Air Line
● 1 Manifold
● Assembly Instructions
● Air Line Couplers & all fittings necessary for assembly

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Custom Chrome Paint Demonstration Video

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FREE Color Chrome Candy Pack
The Chromer Info Pack


Chrome Materials / Chemicals

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Colored Chrome Candy


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